I need some advice... moving to new area, Possibly for Sqad?

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Lisa_Louise | 09:00 Fri 15th Jun 2012 | Health & Fitness
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I have been a patient at a practice for about 10 years, I might be moving to a different area. I phoned the surgery's office today and she said that if I moved out of the town then I would have to register to a new surgery. I am a bit worried about this as I get a repeat prescription that my doctor prescribed to me a number of years ago that I take for nausea. What I'm asking is, if I do move out of the area and I do have to sign up as a new patient somewhere else, can the new Dr deny me of the repeat prescription or is he duty bound to carry this on as I don't know what I would do if I didn't have these tablets as I get awful nausea. I don't use them everyday but I have them as and when I need them.

Thanks for your time :)


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It is likely the first time you see a new GP they will review all your current medication. You will probably need to make an appointment to see them about keeping the anti nausea meds. When I have changed practices they had to set up new repeat systems.
The decision to continue with your therapy will be made by your "new doctor."

However, any Dr worth his salt will keep a contented patient happy.
Personally I would try to register with a group practice rather than a 'single hander' in your new area - that at least gives you the option to discuss your requirements with a second GP if the first is not sympathetic/empathetic.
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Thank you all for your advice. This is really not an easy decision as it is down to my child's new school area too....... I will have to have a really good think about this. Thanks again for your help :)
A review is always good as a new gp might have some better ideas for treatment or may be aware of a specialist who can help solve the problem altogether.
rowan.......if it aint broke, don't fix it.

Changing medication is a gamble.
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That's exactly what I am worried about rowan.... I am scared of changing Dr mainly because it is a gamble (like Sqad said) there is no guarantee that the new Dr will prescribe the medicine to me. This works very well for me and it will cause tremendous upset and stress if they decide to stop or change the prescription.
Lisa.............he won't change it.
Lisa, if you explain that to your Doc, he won't change it. Just get a repeat prescription before you leave your current surgery to tide you over until you can see your new GP.
This something that I get involved with quite a bit, we frequently get people coming to our home from other areas, the new GP very rarely changes the medication. I think you will be fine.
At least you will know its been checked and still the best option for you. Agree with getting a repeaat just before you move though...
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Thank you again for everyone's replies.

Can someone help with how I can get a detailed (when I say detailed I mean the maximum boundary street name) practice area map.... Who would I need to contact or if there is a specific website I can go on. This surgery's map that I am with now is not very specific and certainly not to scale!
just ring the new surgery and ask them if xxx road is in their catchment area

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I need some advice... moving to new area, Possibly for Sqad?

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