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queenio | 10:17 Wed 13th Jun 2012 | Health & Fitness
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I have read vitamin C is good for hypertension, but it makes my gullet sore. I assume it's the acid/crystals in the tablets/powder. Ayone tried the sweets you can chew? Many thanks.


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Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. Doesn't really matter what form you take it in, it's still acid.
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Perhaps if I swallowed some oil first it might help?
queenio. please don,t get " hung up" on taking Vit C as although some studies have shown a beneficial effect on hypertension, it only seems to be on mild hypertension and even then only on the systolic readings (top figure) and not on the diastolic (bottom figure).

The jury is still well and truly out on the benefits of VitC and hypertension.
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The reason I am keen to try vitamin C is I cannot take drugs. I have tried various ones and the last lot put me in the emergency ward. (I have also been diagnosed with atrial flutter) I was doing really well, with my improved healthy diet, then I had a fall (not my fault). The heart started fluttering, and the blood pressure(top figure) shot up. I then read the Linus Pauling website and thought 'I have to give it a go.' I would go back to the Doctor's, but he would insist on drugs. I know Amiodarone would work if taken intraveniosly, but he says it's not viable. I think that means it would be too expensive!
No amiodarone given intravenously is horrendously scary..... should only be administered with proper monitoring in an ITU or specialist coronary care unit.

We always hated it when patients needed it and it was always done with a registrar standing by
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I have already had Amiodarone intraveniously TWICE. Once in the emergency ward, and again when my heartbeat was nearing 200. A hospital doctor and a nurse were present. There was nothing at all scary about it. I would much rather have that than some of the other procedures I have had. That was last October, and I have been fine till the fall.
its short lived though It's certainly scary for the staff but it does slow people down very quickly sometimes tooo much.

You could try getting your vit c from fruit rather than tablet form things like black currants and rose hips rather than citrus fruits as the citric acid may be too much in addition to the ascorbic acid ... cranberry juice is sometimes ok too
Or buy the effervescent tablets - Aldi do them very cheaply
I find the effervescent tabs are the worse of all for heartburn
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Thank you for all your advice. Just heard powdered Vitamin C mixed in ice cream is delicious and could work - can't wait!

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