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Eve | 18:02 Fri 11th May 2012 | Health & Fitness
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I saw my rhumatologist this morning. My blood work was ok save for a Vitamin D deficiency still which she said could account for my feeling run down etc... So will be back on stuff for that. I'm sure I have some calcichews somewhere from when I had an inital lot a few years ago - do you think they will still be ok to take, at least over the weekend before I speak to my GP on Monday?

The ultrasound on my hands showed some soft tissue swelling and have been put on hydroxychloroquine (yay, no more evil sulfasalazine!). She mentioned Naproxen for anti-inflammatory use and said the fibromyalgia is playing up.

She had a look at my feet and said there was swelling under the skin but not to worry about it too much. I've taken Monday off so hopefully I can get my feet up a lot this weekend, see if I can get rid of it.

Got physio on Wednesday so hoping that will help. Hoping to see if they think the burning in my shoulderblades could be muscular rather than a carry on from the gallbladder problems (and hopefully help fix it!).

Good Lupus didn't show up. Still no real answer as to why the repeat infections and such but hopefully the drugs and such will help and I can get a bit more back to normal :)


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Thanks Jenna for the has been a long struggle for you.
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Hopefully some light at the end of the tunnel soon though!

Got my Vit D meds today, she said my level is very low (22) so put me on Dekristol 20,000, 2 a day so hopefully that will help :)

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Update for Sqad

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