Hiatus hernia

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mrsmurphey | 16:21 Mon 26th Mar 2012 | Health & Fitness
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I have had a hiatus her nia for many years which gives me continual wind in the stomach with burping and nausea. The consultants and other doctors I have consulted have said to take omemeprazole a nd "buckets" of gaviscon. The trouble is getting worse and despite cutting out wheat and several other foods I cannot get any improvement. Does anyone know of some "magic" medecine which will make life more comfortable? Anything will help!


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Hi Mrs murphey,, I too have a hiatus hernia and on Omerprazole. I take 2 capsules a day. Which brand are you on.? Because this may be of help to you. I have had one brand from my doctors for years and they have not been working very well for a while now. My husband also has them but with a different brand name, I took two of his the other week and they worked. So have now asked my doctor for that brand. Although he wasnt happy about it because he said the other brand was the ones he has been told to prescribe. But I was issused a new prescription now.
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I have had several different makes over the years, but have not noticed any difference
Mr Alba is on Omeprazole (amongst other meds). If the chemist doesn't have the usual colour of 'brand' they will tell you it's the same medication, just differently packaged.

Each tablet, for whatever medication, must have the same ingredients. It cannot be changed. Legally. Otherwise omeprazole wouldn't be omepraziole. It would be called something different.
My wife has a double h.hernia and omeprazole should reduce the acid and make things much more comfortable. Sometimes medication can hide other problems and an endoscopy my be needed. I also took omprazole for years
and they helped greatly.I now dont take them because the acid is less of a problem.May be due to taking less fatty foods!
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The omeprezole and gaviscon is a result of an endoscopy. Although I rarely get acid reflux. as well as the terrible build up of wind and nausea, I also get bouts of violent pain in my chest, bacl and jaw (similar to heart pain) checks for which have been c arried out and, thank goodness, have been clear.
Alba, Yes it is the same ingrediants ,omerprazole but different brands are made differantly. One brand I was taking had a solid tablet in the capsule and the other is loose inside.
The presentation of the drug might be different but the contents must be exactly the same.
I thought surgery cuold cure hiatus hernia
you talk of chest pain and pain in your jaw i would have got that with it .I dont take medicine but what i do is when i have the chest pain i eat something even a piece of bread .i imagine this helps to close the little flap like thing in the gullet which stop the acid reflux coming up .
I know I take peppermint oil capsules to help with windy problems....Might be worth a shot x
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I have tried a week of Colpermin, but worse if anything
I presume that the diagnosis of hiatus hernia has been confirmed by X-Rays and endoscopy ( camera down the throat)

Despite medical management, your condition is worsening and in which case you had better return to your Consultant GastroEnterologist as you need a further endoscopy and a surgical opinion.
Mr Alba used to take Colpermin some years ago, and like you, it didn't help.
Have you changed your diet to avoid fried foods??

My late mother had a hiatus hernia but due to the length of time passed, I'm sorry I can't remember what, if anything helped her.

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Hiatus hernia

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