Coughing Frenzy

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bellazella | 18:24 Sun 25th Mar 2012 | Health & Fitness
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Have had a a dry and tickly cough for some days now, the only time i have a runny nose is when i am coughing, bought a cough medicine today, it soothes it for a while, then it comes back with a vengeance, what else can i do to stop this


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Nothing much, really, but steam inhalations can help.
What cough medicine are you taking and what dose?
bella, are you sure it is not hay fever, you know with this unusually warm weather.
Go to the doctor, there are still some cough bugs hanging around.
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10ml of benyalin
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No its not hayfever, its a dry cough really full on, then stops for a while and then comes back again
OK....I agree with ladyalex, but 10mls of Benylin is a "piddling dose"....double it.
Benylin's vile, it always gives me a headache :-(
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Thanks guys will double the dose
I've had this horrible cough for weeks now bella. It started weeks ago, then got easier then come back with a vengeance. day before y/day I had a v sore throat could hardly swallow. have had 4 bottle of decongestant for catarrh too!
I had a hacking coughing fit in the night, and sick of it and wonder when it will ever end . Wish you better x
Have you been to the GP, pusskin? the current guidance is that anyone who's had a cough for over 3 weeks should get it checked out.
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Pusskin thanks for your reply, havent had it as bad as you, its like something is trying to happen but doesnt quite come out, their was a lady on the bus today with a cough,and she started me off, wonder if it is viral, yet no one else i work with has it, its painful coughing after awhile, hope you recover soon, will go to the doctors if it does not clear up soon
Hi Boxtops , Stella. I know I'm being stupid by not going to docs, but just havent felt up to going really. I keep thinking that once I say that I smoke, the doc will say, serves you right sort of thing. (Not a heavy smoker)
When I speak it can catch me out and off I go again. Driving me nuts.
I've promised myself to ring doc if I'm no better by maybe tomorrow. I just want rid of x

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Coughing Frenzy

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