Dull ache deep inside lower leg.

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Smowball | 18:57 Wed 07th Mar 2012 | Health & Fitness
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I've had this for a few months now and assumed it would go away but it hasnt. I have a deep ache in my lower left leg, its not the muscle,it almost feels as though the bone is aching although I know that sounds silly. Leg doesnt hurt to touch at all. Sometimes the ache is barely noticeable, othertimes i am almost in tears with it and it feels like very very bad growing pains I had as a child.Most of the time it is barely noticeable. Any ideas??


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How old are you?
Are you on any medication for any pre-existing medical condition?
Is the pain in your leg associated with exercise and relieved by resting?
Does it wake you up at night?
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Hi sqad - am 40. pain doesnt wake me up but thats coz Im a very bad sleeper anyway. Am om omeprazole for acid reflux(past 5 years) and thyroxine for underactive thyroid. Cant see connection with pain and anything I am doing or have done. Occasionally if I lay on my left side it feels worse, even though I can touch the leg and feel no pain , if that makes any sense?
Hi! smowball............two things come to mind:

Get your thyroid tests done to make sure that you are taking enough thyroxine.

Secondly and as a rank outsider ask your GP to consider osteoporosis.
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have just had thyroid levels checked last month and they said medication was at correct level. Osteoporosis - have never even given that a thought!
growing pains+ arthritis
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Would arthritis or osteoarthritis be in such a specific area, and not more general??
I described the same feeling in my lower leg to my doctor a few years ago and I had the scan for osteoporosis, it was found that I had the beginnings of it, or osteopena and prescribed vit D and calcium tablets. I tried two different lots of the tablets but I was allergic to them (hives). The alternative was to drink millk eat cheese etc. Shortly after I started with arthritis pains and I had a hip replacement. I wondered if that could have been the cause all along. I don't have the 'bone ache' now.
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Hmmmm, me thinks a trip to the doctor may be in order.
Wow I've had this problem for about for almost a year now. It's exactly how you described it. I have talked to 4 different doctors, took 3 xrays, and 2 MRIs and still nobody knows what it is. I'm getting very frustrated by this and if you want any kind of update or found what it is please share with us.

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Dull ache deep inside lower leg.

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