Low blood count ?

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TheOtherHalf | 09:00 Mon 05th Mar 2012 | Health & Fitness
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My MIL of 96 is in a home and over the last 2 weeks they have taken about 4 blood tests as concerned about a leg infection, although it is healing now but slowly. All they will tell us from the results is she has low red blood cells and is not producing any bone marrow. Because of her age they say they cant do anything but they wont tell us exactly what this is or what they would treat her for if she was younger. We have googled it but it doesnt tell us much. Any ideas anyone and my OH is very concerned about what they are NOT tellling us


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Sorry didnt see noxs post previous to mine! Maby this link will help x
09:15 Mon 05th Mar 2012
Essentially they are saying she is anaemic, but I would be more concerned with their lack of co-operation than anything. Whilst I can understand patient confidentiality, your MIL is entitled to know what is wrong with her or to have that information passed on to a person of her choice. Arrange a meeting with the Manager and get your MIL to give her consent for you to have a copy of her records which you can then take away and discuss with your doctor.
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Thanks Nox. I think my OH will be trying to talk to the Managers today as they arent there at weekends. I agree that they shouldnt keep things from us especially as we have POA. I too thought anaemia, but would they be so concerned about something like that ?
Are they saying she is aneamic?? Or an iron deficiancy xx

Sorry didnt see noxs post previous to mine! Maby this link will help x
Ps obviously im no doctor.... Just an idea! Really hope you find some answers, googles great sometimes but can send ur mind into overdrive too. Best wishes to u all xx
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Thanks for the link tinkerbell. It explains a lot. They havnt said she is anaemic as if they had, perhaps we wouldnt have been so worried as we thought it was soon treated, but the fact that they have said they cant treat it because of her age, has us more concerned.
If her red blood ell count is low, then she will almost certainly have a degree of anaemia.

But the question is "What type of anaemia?"

The information that you have given is insufficient for any kind of reasonable diagnosis.

I have some sympathy with the reply of NOX.
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Thanks Sqad. We are determined to find out
I get infuriated and frustrated by links in the Body and Soul section as they cause more anxiety and distress than necessary. If one has a medically established diagnosis then health links may well be helpful, but if just Googling symptoms and "guessed" diagnosis, then most of the links that i have seen need to be evaluated by a medically qualified person.

Take for example this thread and this link:


a link given with good intentions and in good faith and likely to cause distress a the majority of other links that i have seen given.

It is a link on Aplastic Anaemia.......but what IS important is missed out in the link and that is Aplastic Anaemia account for less than 1% of old people with anaemia.

Treat links with extreme scepticism unless the diagnosis has been medically established.
NOX gives good advice as how to go about getting information with your MIL's consent.
You particularly need to find out whether your MIL has simple anaemia (lack of red cells) or "not producing any bone marrow" that is in addition to anaemia, low white cell count (leading to infection), and low platelets (leading to bruising /bleeding).
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thanks Slaney. Yes, they have said she is not producing bone marrow and she does bruise and bleed easily. She has blood blotches all over her body and face now as her skin is so thin, she only has to knock it asnd it breaks or bruises. Sqad, I dont take everything as said in any link. They are sometimes helpful to understand whats happening though when no one else tells you but I agree that you need a consultant to tell you properly. Thanks to everyone for being so helpful and understanding

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Low blood count ?

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