anyone suffer from bppv

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joker55 | 01:45 Sun 12th Feb 2012 | Health & Fitness
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Does anyone suffer from bppv, had this on and off for a year now, the doctor has only given me Prochloperazine tablets , which only mask the condition, and as soon as you finish the tablets , I will usually get it back again in a few weeks. Could do with some advice, as the dizziness gets you down after a while.


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There are some special manoeuvres, ask your doctor if they will refer you for them.
No I don't suffer from BPPV, but i have the following comments to make.

I presume that the diagnosis has been made by an ENT specialist?

Google Cooksey-Cawthorne exercises.
bppv ?
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo...BPPV
thanks sqad.
No problem my love.
I don't have that but get vertigo from menieres. It is really hard to adjust at first though I have a lot over the years. I found meditation classes helped, learning how to focus and centre yourself and use breathing which can all come in pretty useful when suffering. It's no cure but can help you feel a bit more in control. I learnt to be able to relax more, control my breathing and focus on the end of my nose which helped some in dizzies.

I find a routine can help, being more familiar and comfortable in your environment and trying not to be so conscious of any more general off balance feeling if safe to do so (knowing where things are etc...). Relaxing a bit can help too, not getting wound up bumping into things and misjudging where things are helped me too - I was only annoying myself at the end of the day.

It was a bit of a running joke at one place I worked, me and one of the lads would just exchange a knowing smile when I'd be tripping over my own feet and misjudging door frames, filing cabinets etc...

I also have a number of places I can go to round town I know I can sit in relative quiet if feeling off - some in particular where I go a lot so know some of the staff to feel comfortable going to them if I needed to. I also have great friends I know would come find and help me if I needed them. Like a bit of a safety net.

I love my headphones as it helps me zone in a bit if that makes sense though might be more as mine is more ear related (not sure about BPPV in that regard). Focussing in on me rather than what is going on around me makes me feel a bit more in control, especially in the city - had some very unpleasant earlier espisodes trying to negotiate busy city streets to get somewhere sat down with people and traffic moving fast all around me.
Take Sqads advice re the Cooksey - Cawthorne exercises-they do help.
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no diagnosis has been made by an ENT specialist, only by my gp, who seems to be resisting sending me up the hospital, prefers to give you Prochloperazine tablets instead, have been taking them for 1 week now, but have a daily headache, feel slightly off balance when walking, and have a fuzzy head as well, feel better when laying down, normally when I have taken these tablets i feel fine, dread to think what I will feel like when I have finished the course of tablets. dont want to try any excercises until been up to see someone in ENT. Will have to insist, that the gp refers me soon, after suffering this on and off a year it really wears you down :(
I too suffer with BPPV and have done for some years. I get referred to the Physiotherapy Dept who confirm the diagnosis using the Epley test/manoeuvre. The treatment ,Epley Manoeuvre, is pretty straightforward, effective but slightly unpleasant. Go back to your GP and demand a referral to Physio.
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will demand a referral , when go back to GP, so you havent got rid of bppv completely then, if you still have to go back for the Epley manoeuvre , how often to you get now? Do you know if going on a plane can bring on bvvp?
BPPV can (as in my case) re-occur. I get approx 2 episodes a year. Not aware that flying can precipitate an episode.
I get the occasional episode of it and have never taken anything for it. It usually lasts for a week or so and then goes off.

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anyone suffer from bppv

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