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echokilo | 10:10 Wed 25th Jan 2012 | Health & Fitness
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....................... can anyone help .............. I have no problem getting to sleep initially, it's staying asleep for a decent amount of time that's the issue .. ...... typically I will wake after between 2 and 3.5 hours ................ nothign especially on my mind most of the time - some terrible dreams on other occasions - with no known trigger for the dreams ................. help!!


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Have you tried having a warm bath before bedtime? Can you make a milky drink eg Horlicks/Drinking Chocolate? Listen to the radio with soothing music.
Usually 4 hours sleep does me but what I do find is if Igo and lie down even though no really tired i will sleep so perhaps if you think yo are not geting enough sleep this may help but am told some people need little sleep and others need a lot .If this does not affect you everyday life then you are getting enough sleep I would have .
Put a few drops of Lavender Essential oil onto your pillow so that you breathe the smell, that should help you sleep more deeply.
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Tried the baths and milky drinks and the lavender .......... after say, 4 hours, I feel ok for most of the day but around 1400 seem to relapse and could sleep on a washing line - doesnt feel like 4 hours is enough ......................
I'm the same
I'm generally woken by something though, whether it's pain or acid reflux
I struggle to get back to sleep even if I am shattered
And like you, come 2pm I can easily fall asleep standing - however, school runs and work mean I cant :(
Half term is only 2 weeks a 3 days away. At least during that time I dont feel like a zombie come 8pm
I do find that going to bed a little later than I would normally helps a lot but I have to be busy in the evening to stop me falling asleep to early. What time do you go to bed?
I am exactly the same! have been since my youngest son was born - he never slep through the night till he was 5 years old and so all my sleep patterns have been wrecked. I have awful nightmares in the 2 or three hours that I sleep. Been to the doctors many times. Finally she gave me a very mild(so she said!) sleeping tablet and I may use that just once a fortnight if desperate, but generally i just lay there awake. I feel for you!
I'm unsure there is a foolproof method to 'cure' waking up too soon, as opposed to not being able to drop off. I have a similar problem but nowhere near as acute as your own. Folk say people need less sleep as they get older but in my experience the mind/body needs as much but opts not to allow it. Seems to be the case that it wants you to go around not being able to concentrate well and unable to do what you used to. Perhaps it's an evolutionary thing to get the oldies eaten by the nearest saber tooth tiger.

My suggestion (apart from ask your GP) is to learn to live with it. Get up, get some things done, and if possible have a nap at some other time of the day.

That said the occasional nightmares may be significant. Maybe there is something on your mind that you are unaware of. Perhaps you need to talk it over and see if you can find something you are more concerned about than you believe ?
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All great answers and its good to know I am not alone! GP will be next step. Bedtime is never static due to shifts.
I feel for you echokilo - I'm the same - I can get to sleep fine, but then am awake again about 3am ans find it difficult to go ack to sleep, but I also used to work from about 1 or 2am at night to about 10 or 11am, and had a kip in the afternoon, and even though I haven't done that job for years now, I still am quite happy to nap in the early afternoons. If you find anything that works,please let me know!
Could be a medical problem, low iron, thyroid (especially with the bad dreams) to see doc just in case. If not medical, something may be waking you have you thought of wearing ear plugs just to help in case you're a light sleeper now? Hope you get some help, it's hell to deal with as I know to my cost.
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Bought some Natrasleep ......... Took three at 2230, woke at 0430 ...... So quite a result - just need to time things better and hope its not a fluke!
have a look at this, it's not a suggestion, but something to consider
I know exactly what you mean, I used to work Nights doing Security and could quite happily sleep during any kind of Bedlam during the day. However now, the slightest noise in the night I'm wide awake.

I think I'm naturally nocturnal (not conditioned) but it does mess Oneself about with sleeping habits and being awake.

not much help but you're not alone on this.

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