Tooth ache.whats best to apply to ease pain?

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RobertaMary | 19:33 Fri 13th Jan 2012 | Health & Fitness
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Ive a cracked upper back tooth, my whole top jaw aches too the centre & sometimes the bottom jaw too. Ive registered with a new dentist after a recent move & will see him next week but until then whats the best thing to apply? The [ain comes & goes & is especially bad in the evenings.


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You could try oil of clove. Just try not to get it on any soft tissue you don't want to numb. Poor you!
Best thing for toothache is ibuprofen taken at the recommended dose
You can add paracetamol for extra pain relief
Some swear by clove oil - do not use it undiluted if you decide to try. Oh, and ti tastes disgusting!
Hope you're not in too much pain over the weekend
places like superdrug do Orajel - a small tube of 10% Benzocaine - I had a smiliar problem to you, and it does provide some relief.
Peppermint essence has worked for me in the past, good luck.
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thanks everyone :).....i will no doubt be asking for ideas to calm my nerves when my appointment comes around as im petrified of the dentist :(
if you can get clove oil from the chemist it can ease the pain until you can see the dentist
When I cracked a tooth, I sealed it with super-glue. Six quick laps round the house while yodelling, and after that I was right as rain.
Sounds more serious than toothache and the lesion may be infected. If so you may need an antibiotic, e.g. ampiciilin. Sorry I am late with this as the weekend's begun. However advise you visit local A&E Dept Satuday a.m. At the very worst (but good) they should give you number of emerncy dentist .phone number. Oil of cloves burns so much it's worse than useless. For home treatment suggest you crush aspirin and push it into the crack.
Oraljel, apply a little with a cotton bud all over the tooth, but keep it off lips and gums if possible. And don`t swallow saliva if you use too much.

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Tooth ache.whats best to apply to ease pain?

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