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old-wos-is-name | 21:29 Fri 06th Jan 2012 | Health & Fitness
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Isn't it strange, when you make an appointment with the doctor, when you get there you feel so much better? I went today, had all these really bad pains in the lower abdomin, and a really swollen and extemely sore to touch bulge in the left side, just below the rib cage, pain in my privates and peculiar bowel movements,
And after a month of this, I saw the doctor and He thought i was kidding. He is havin a fasting blood and urine samples done, but this evening the pain is better than it has been for 4 weeks. Could this be sychological????
soory about the spelling, i'm a telephone engineer, not an office worker.


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You've done the right thing in going, better or not - but yes, I find the same problem when I make a dental appointment!
Leaving something as uncomfortable as you have had for four weeks imay be unhelpful as the symptoms could well have worked themselves through( I am not a Doctor). If I had your symptoms I ould have seen the doctor within a week. It sounds nasty.
Symptoms disappearing of their own accord can be psychological but it doesn't sound like it in this case.
... I agree, I wouldn't have left it a month either!
Same here with the dentist, it's called sheer terror.
An aside, have you noted in the doctor's surgery, when people see someone they know, and ask how they are, the reply is always "I am fine thanks, you" and the other replies "Good here too thnks" then why on earth are they both at the doctors? lol
Same here o-w-i-n - I rang my doc today for advice (and hopefully some medication) as I have the horrid bug which is going around, can't shake it off and its in the fifth week, so am getting very tired and low because of it! Guess what, as soon as I'd spoken to him and he said if it hasn't gone by Monday he will prescribe me antibiotics (wonder of wonders!) and I'd cancelled a meeting I was supposed to go to tonight, I suddenly feel miraculously better..... strange isn't it! Its the same phenomenon that makes appliances suddenly work perfectly again as soon as an engineer is called!
Ann86... yeah, and stop working again as soon as they have disappeared out of the end of the road! My alarm system has done this twice in the last week.
what i find odd is when i see my doctor she asks me how have i been and i say "fine"!
There is such a gap nowadays between phoning for a doctor appointment and getting one, that is not surprising that we are either cured or better!
I think we've all done that at some time, bednobs, lol! The next sentence is then usually ... "Well, not really fine ... when I say fine I mean ..." Then confusion sets in and you totally forget what you were going to tell the doctor in the first place! Hence I always write down what I need to tell the doctor before I get there. Makes things so much easier for us old folk. :o)
Sounds nasty! Did it say what he thought it was like something like maybe kidney stones.

I used to have a doctor who used to remark how I'd put on weight - in a good way as it as after a bad eating disorder spell, not really the most sensitive thing to say!

I had another doctor who once said it was better to be fat and happy than thin and miserable like him...hmmm...
It's an automatic response to the question of how are you to answer that you are fine, anna, even if you are not. Also I don't think the person you are talking to really wants to know if you start to give a long list of ailments. They are more concerned with their own.

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