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bestmum | 14:34 Tue 22nd Nov 2011 | Health & Fitness
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Had a blood test last week due to feeling tired and some bruising. Doc thought I might need Iron tablets. Tested for Liver function, fbc, ferretin and menopausal symptons. Have been told the tests need repeating and with the Liver function no fasting but no red meat for 24 hours before. What do u think my problem or illness could be. Been worried it could be leukamia.(sp). Any help would be appreciated really concerned something is very wrong with me. TIA


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bestmum...........with your post, i cannot give you any sort of diagnosis, but what i can say is that any type of a lekaemia is a "rank outsider" compared to far more commoner diagnosis for your symptoms.
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So hopefully it isn't anything life threatning? Or too serious?
Is that what you think?
I never bet on a "rank outsider"
Not a medic, are you on the iron tablets now?
Maybe they want to re-test after you have been on them for a while to see if they are doing their thing.
Alternatively, they might just want to re-test as someone in the blood-testing lab got confused with the samples. They are human :)
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No got 2 have the tests repeated this week.Not given me any medication. Waiting for the doctors to ring back and clarify the results. Just really scared that there is something seriously wrong with me.
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Just been in touch with doc and said i have some renal impairment and low blood count and to stop taking my ibuprofen. Any help or suggestions please.
bestmum....still not enough information for a diagnosis, but it is, in my opinion putting leukaemia out of the picture.
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Thank you so much Sqad for helping in putting my mind to rest a bit. I am just a worry wort sometimes. Just like my mother. Once again thanks so much.
I can understand your concern bestmum.
keep us up to date bestmum xxxx
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Waiting for the doctor to ring today to talk through the results. Will let u know what he says. Thank u so much for your help x
Will be interested....We have 3 clues:

Iron deficiency________________renal impairment_____________Ibuprofen.

It's taking shape.
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Spoke to the doctor today he said I am anaemic and to stop taking my ibuprofen and coversyl tablets (blood pressure). Kidneys not working as good as they should be. Need to repeat blood test in a week. Drink plenty of water and 24hours before blood test no red meat????Any ideas sqad why no red meat. Would like to thank everyone for their help and concern will update again after repeat test results are in. bestmum
No red meat is because it would affect your liver function tests (I think;-)

So now we have looks as though the Ibuprofen has damaged to a small extent, your kidneys, which have switched of a chemical that is needed for the production of red cells and that has caused your anaemia.

Leukaemia is now not even a consideration.

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