Lymphoma of the throat

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chelle7272 | 12:38 Wed 16th Nov 2011 | Health & Fitness
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A very good friend of mine was diagnosed with this yesterday. Does anyone know of the possible prognosis for this or any reliable sources of information?

many thanks


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Description is not accurate enough for any comment.
where in the throat?
What type of lymphoma?
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Thanks sqad. He needs further tests to determine more, this is all I know for now. I was just looking for a pointer in the direction of a good source of information as I don't know which sites / organisations are reliable.
I am not an expert on websites :-).......but take my advice and don't look up lymphoma until you know the full details...i.e where it is initially, what type it ie, what stage and the extent of spread to other parts of the body.....if any.
If you must use a website CancerhelpUK is good as it explains tests, treatments, and other options in very simple language... it is a good starting point for patients/carers etc but the more info you have the easier it is to use so agree with Sqad...wait a while til you know more
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Thank you both

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Lymphoma of the throat

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