Colposcopy examination

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BobbyBobBob | 18:40 Sun 13th Nov 2011 | Health & Fitness
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My partner had to have a cervical screening test about 6 weeks ago. It came back as though some of the cells were abnormal ( which apparently is quite common) so she had to wait 6 weeks to have a follow up. This follow up was on Monday and the results of that showed some abnormal cells again.

She has now been told she needs a further more in-depth examination called a colposcopy.

It says in the leaflet that it's nothing to worry about and it's standard procedure etc. But I can't help but feel a tad concerned. Is this more in-depth examination still a common thing and what happens if they find something?



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These abnormal cells in themselves are nothing to worry about but cannot be ignored.

An "in-depth" examination will involve a biopsy ( a bigger bite of cervix) which will give a more accurate evaluation of these "abnormal cells."
nothing unusual - I have to have one every five years as my father died of colon cancer. Each time they have removed polyps, but these have benign. I have had two and one due......each time so far I have been knocked out (in the States) rather than sedated (my sister has had that) - prefer that I think.
Yes - it's the next stage of investigation, they will take further cells from her and examine them more closely. Have a look here, this explains it - the colposcopist looks at the cells in more detail that you can do from a cervical sample.

It's not unusual - if there are differences in the cells, they will be attended to quickly - well done to your lady for going for cervical screening, I wish more attended, it detects problems at very early stages so that action can be taken straight away.

If they do find something, you can be assured that it will all be discussed with her in detail and treatment can be fast. She's done the right thing is attending. have got the wrong orifice...........Colposcopy NOT colonoscopy.
speaking out of my ass again!
DT...LOL...I do it all the time.
same principal in many ways though and she definitely has done the right thing.
My brother had one on Friday. We were all thinking the worse as he keeps everything to his self. Anyway he got results there & then, Hemmeroids!!
kat1....NOT another one in the wrong hole.
Sorry i got the wrong one too!!!
kat, I'm afraid you're in the wrong body part as well... :-)
The worst thing about a colposcopy is the rank indignation of having some surgeon poke around in your bits. You feel mild discomfort but nothing more (although the next day, you feel like you've been kicked in the bits). One has to adopt a most unladylike posture (don't be surprised if she doesn't want to discuss it).

However, it is precautionary and when I had mine there was no follow up required. Sometimes abnormal smears can be caused by something as simple as the nurse not getting a proper sample of cells.
Next it will be mouth soures and ulcers, Sqad and Bobby....
Sorry i'll stick to cats!!!!
Bobby, can I say that you sound like a nice guy, and it's good of you to come on here to ask. A lot of blokes don't want to understand all the female stuff, and if you do know a bit about it, it will be reassuring to your lady - and also as barmai says, you'll know what to expect that she'll feel like after the procedure. They won't let you in while they do it, but would you be able to go with her? She must be feeling quite scared.
DT.........when we were doing bacteriology 3rd year medical students we had to take moth swabs and culture them.

One of the results came back with the report "Normal Vaginal Flora"

He had a lot of explaining to, it wasn't my swab.;-)
"mouth swabs"
Guys, you're digressing - bobby is seriously concerned about his lady....
Boxy....we have answered him.

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Colposcopy examination

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