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Meg888 | 11:33 Tue 08th Nov 2011 | Health & Fitness
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I've got it again, less than two weeks after getting anti biotics from doc after trying to treat it myself for almost two weeks.

I took the AB's as per the doc's instructions, so how come it's back? What causes it?


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Once again i have to guess a large amount here........

By cystitis, you mean going to pass water frequently, urgent need to pass water and pain as you pass water....not just pain in the stomach.

I am also going to guess that before you were put on antibiotics, no urine culture was done to identify any bacterial invader and if I am wrong, then the rest of my answer would appear to be invalid.

You urine needs to be tested for organisms and if present the organism tested against certain antibiotics and the appropriate antibiotic given.

If despite this, you still get recurring attacks, then you need to see a Consultant Urologist, who will investigate your "plumbing" more fully.

In all probability there will be nothing sinister behind this.
is your cystitis worse following sexual intercourse ?
silly question after going to the toilet do you wipe front to back or back to front... we picked up 'back to front' as a possible cause for repeated water infections especially in women who were over weight or less mobile
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Squad: I was asked to give a urine sample at my last appointment, which the doc said showed a bacterial infection. I think they must have been expecting it to come back, as she gave me a sample bottle to take away and hand back should it recur.

Anna-sq: Can't really comment, this only the 2nd time I've had it in years, and neither instance was shortly after intercourse (although this was the case when I was younger)

RowanW: front to back - god, I'm glad no-one on here knows me - I'm blushing!
at least you can eliminate that as a likely cause...
meg.....then you need to go back to your GP and ask if he thinks that a Consultant Urological opinion is desirable.
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Thanks folks

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