Tooth knocked out

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themalster | 13:20 Sun 02nd Oct 2011 | Health & Fitness
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Sorry if posted in the wrong place.

I had my tooth knocked out at football this morning. I have read its best to preserve it in milk.
My dentist is closed til tomorrow. I have tried putting it back in but its too painful to go in fully.
Anyone know what else I can do? I don't want to lose the tooth.
Will it cost a lot to have it either put back in or have a fake one done?
Thank you


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If a tooth is knocked out (permanent teeth only not milk teeth)

Do not throw away a tooth that has been knocked out
Secondary teeth may be re-implanted (ideally) within ONE hour after the injury
When a tooth is knocked out place it back into the socket (not milk teeth)
If you are unable to replace it in the socket immediately place it in milk or warm saline to take to the dentist
does your local area not have an out of hours service? Ours does
phone your dentist and see if it says on the message how to get seen in an emergency,
yes it will e expensive for a fake one - it won't be available under the NHS contract
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Thanks for your help. I have put it back in the socket, but it won't go as far in as it was.

Will that help? Or is it pointless unless it goes all the way in?
sorry - not sure - i just copied that from my local dental website
are you sure there are no emergency dental facilities in your area?
Ring your dentist NOW, there may be an answerphone number for an on-call service where you can go to get it refixed. Don't wait if you can possibly get it done today - this happened to me as a child when I fell off my bike, we waited for a dental appointment and it was far to late to reinsert it. A dentist can do it properly - phone them now, or contact your local Minor Injuries Unit, they should have the dental on-call number.
I agree with the previous postings - this is one dental emergency that really does have urgency. You need to see a dentist ASAP - it will make all the difference to the tooth's prognosis.

If the tooth is even partially reimplanted, keep it there until you can been seen. Bite down on as clean handkerchief, for example. This will prevent further damage to the periodontal ligament
Do not handle the root of the tooth or try to clean it.
A dentist may be able to reposition the tooth for you under local anaeasthesia. Even if not possible, it is usually preferable to retain the tooth as cosmetic treatment can be carried out at a later stage.
A dentist needs to splint the tooth in place for a period of 2-3 weeks, and ideally root canal treatment needs to be started within 24 hours.

If you own dentist does not answer, try Yellow Pages etc, but please be seen urgently.

Hope all turns out well
where do you live, themaister?
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I live in Enfield. I phoned my dentist but the number they tell you to phone on their answer phone is for Edgware Hospital. I phoned it and they said they had no emergency dental clinic there so pointless answer message on my local dentists number. I live in Enfield.
I have re-inserted the tooth but it is loose.
J9PUR looks someone who knows about this - I would take his advice, keep it in where it is and be at your dentists when it opens in the morning - don't ring for an appointment, just go.
On the other hand, I just googled - here's a 24-hour emergency dentist in Enfield
If you google emergency dentists you'll get one. Years ago I had an emergency when I lived in London and ended up at a dentist in Victoria on a Sunday evening.
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Yeah I'll be there first thing.
There is always an emergency NHS dentist somewhere - I hope you find one and gets sorted this evening. There is still time. Max you can pay on NHS is £200 for treatment.
however, if the tooth can't be saved and you want a fake one it wont be on the nhs
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Thanks for all your advice guys. It's currently re-inserted but loose. I called the emergency number Boxtops suggested but they want around £300. I will go to my dentist tomorrow and see what he says.
Thank you all once again.
I know someone who had a new tooth on a plate. It was done on the NHS last week and cost £204, max fee chargeable.

Here's a description of the treatments available in each price band.
Let us know how you get on, I do hope they can save your tooth, mine was too I had no choice than to have a plate as maidup says. Come back and let us know!
PS Maister, have you got any dental insurance? This might well be covered if so?
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Unfortunately not.

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