One for someone withe medical advice......can't rest till I know......

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xLilacFairyx | 19:05 Fri 23rd Sep 2011 | Health & Fitness
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I helped this very elderly woman unload her shopping in the supermarket today onto the conveyer belt as she was not managing, it so happened her fingers were of the description of what I can only say "burnt wood" then to a point where it looked as if bits had fallen off and came to a point. Honestly I was heartbroken for her, I came back to my work in tears, just wondered what this condition could've been as I have checked online, but all I see is Gangrene? Honestly this poor old woman's hand's were in bits and I could do nothing to help her :-(

Does anyone know what this was, to please give me some peace, would it just have come with age possibly??



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Sorry, no idea.
Osteoarthritis cripples your fingers so you can't do many things that healthy people take for granted, did she look like this,s:0&biw=1024&bih=710
I believe leprosy just leaves stumps, not pointed fingers?
Diabetic or peripheral arterial disease spring straight to mind and DLE is also a possibility..........all these will lead to gangrene and "bits" dropping off.
well done you !! and god bless her ;-)

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One for someone withe medical advice......can't rest till I know......

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