when should i get a period after a misscarriage

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honey33 | 07:16 Fri 12th Aug 2011 | Health & Fitness
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as you know i started a misscarriage on the 16th july and im getting a lot of spotting i have a break of 4days before it all starts again for about a week its doing my head in... is this cause for concern?

and when should i expect to get a period from the start of the miscarriage... i have a docs appointment for the 1st september to be refered back to fertility specialist and im now scared the miscarriage has messed me up even more now... im scared im not even ovulating on my own as i was doing.... im convinced its a hormone imbalance and really need answers on how to sort it if this is what it is.... thanks for reading hope you can answer all my questions


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i know it's easy to say, but don't worry,, just speak to the doctor about it when you see her in 2 weeks
Honey - a word from those who been there - you really need to try to stop obsessing about your ovulation and hormone levels, it's obviously stressing you so much - it can't be helping. I tried for years, when I finally decided not to count the days and take the temperature, but just let nature take its course, it did. Your body needs time to sort itself out after the miscarriage - mine took six weeks.
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thanks for replys.. i know what your saying about body needs to sort itself out its just that all the spotting i always had is a whole lot worse after the mc... im only getting 4days break everytime .... not exactly gonna get pregnant while its like this am i... but will have to see how i get on at appointment i suppose

was thinking of maybe taking some herbal remedies to see if that helps but i dont really like taking tablets when i dont know alot about them

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when should i get a period after a misscarriage

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