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owdhamer | 01:06 Fri 12th Aug 2011 | Health & Fitness
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Fao sqad and all the kind people who showed concern in my previous post, i have just finished my second dose of chemo spending 12 hours in christies,finishing at 11pm, thanks to the nurse Rose administered the chemo.It must have been worth if as i feel stronger and even walked round tesco with my wife. then to our fav cafe for breakfast. onwards and upwards.


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I am pleased you are feeling a bit better and hope you will continue to do so.
Well done owdhammer. Breakfast at this time of night - go for it and enjoy :)
Owdhammer may I say with experience that the care and commitment at Christies is second to none, I wish you continued improvement.
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thanks to the last three posters , maybe a nice bottle of white wine with the lobster thermidor in the morning ttfn.I scroll down mamys list, then go of and you tube any groups maunly from the sixties, that i fancy , time for bed.
Thanks for the update owd.....hope you didn't "trash" and loot the cafe ;-)
Owdhammer,glad to hear you are doing well with the chemo. I have a very close friend who went through cervical cancer and was treated at Christies and has now got the all clear. Can't praise the staff there enough.
owd - I am liking your style there. I enjoyed a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape this week - given to me months ago. Absolutely 'delicieux'. I rarely drink wine (spill most of it!). Class will always out, lol.
So glad you are feeling stronger. Best wishes for your recovery.
That's for the update, owdhammer, onwards and upwards, as you say!
Flippin brilliant owdhammer - so good to hear you fancied a bit of breakfast too. Its always a sign of improvement when a person is enjoying food again. Onwards and upwards indeed.
Glad to hear the chemo is going well. I'll be back at the Christie in October, they served me well back in '96-'97.
Kawakiri, how goes it with you - not heard from you since your last post a little while back?
Currently on hormone treatment and will be at the Christie for HDR Brachytherapy early November.
Thinking of you, too, kawakiri - good thoughts going your way, too

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fao sqad

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