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Eastender | 11:06 Tue 12th Jul 2011 | Health & Fitness
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Can you please tell me what are the symptoms of High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure. I am at that age of going through the menopause, for at least the last 5years. And yet every time I go to the docs, I get told my Cholestrol is high or my blood pressure, given a diet sheet or told exercise? Yes I have put a bit of weight on, but I am very active and cannot shift it. I am now getting the hot sweats and begining to think the Cholesterol and high blood pressure has raised its ugly head again, or it could yet again be the menopause. So I am now getting confused between the symptoms. Any advice please would be appreciated. Thanks


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High blood pressure, unless it is very high doesn't show any symptoms as far as I know, and neither does high cholesterol.

Carrying excess weight and the menopause will both cause excess sweating.

I would go back to your doctor and discuss the whole issue. If your blood pressure is consistently high or you have high cholesterol I am surprised you haven't been medication. You really do need to go and back and see him.

Sorry, I know this was for Sqad. Hope you don't mind me interfering.
'been given medication'.
doctor lottie is right ;)
doctor lottie.. i like the sound of that !
I had high blood pressure and would never have known it until it was picked up at a routine test for something else. No symptoms or anything.

Doctor Lottie indeed Eth LOL
as above, high BP is usually symptomless (as is high cholesterol) they won't have "reared their ugly head again" it's very likely that they will have carried on there in the background, either getting worse or not getting any better (especially if you have not been doing the exercises or losing weight)
There are no symptoms with a high cholesterol.
There may be no symptoms with a high BP.
It is unlikely that the hot sweats are anything to do with either of the above.
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Thankyou all, I would'nt mind if I was huge lol. Will take all advice on board.
being huge or not doesn't necessarily have a bearing on high or low cholestrol or blood pressure. losing a bit of weight might help lower your blood pressure, changing your diet might help with lowering your cholestrol...but don't bank on it.
My neighbour is the leanest and fittest elderly gentleman I have ever met. He has extremely high cholesterol naturally. Eth. is right. Likewise with high blood pressure. Weight doesn't help, but very thin people can have high blood pressure. An aunt of mine, a very slim and fit lady, was diagnosed with high blood pressure in her twenties.

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