Sudden Dizzy spells

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coxylad | 17:17 Mon 28th Mar 2011 | Health & Fitness
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I have been getting sudden dizzy spells
They happen as sudden as a split second nealy fall over and then there gone.

Iv been getting a sort of head acre feeling also, not one that really hurts, feels more like a slight stabbing sensation in the back of my head running up the centre.

I have had my eyes tested and I have been told that I need reading glasses, my eyes was 0.50 in both, but I do notice a strain when I stair at the computer for long periods.

I also get really bad heart palpatation's so with the dizzy spells and the palps at the same time I really do thing im about to take my last breath.

It is all very scary.

Im takeing an 300mg asprin and some vitamins each day.

its really getting me down.



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Have you had your blood pressure checked ?
why are you taking the aspirin? good idea to visit the doc methinks before you fall over and break something
So what is your question?
So you saw an optician but not your gp?
I have had dizzy spells .. Palpitations.. headachy times in the doc said it was mild anemia... bit of exercise and a well balanced diet helped me..oh and dark choccie.. and red wine!.. moderatley..of course! lol ;))

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Sudden Dizzy spells

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