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joannie10 | 11:16 Tue 30th Jun 2009 | Beauty
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I am going to contradict myself a bit here so apologies in advance! In one sense I dont totally believe all the hype about all the anti wrinkle creams etc but on the other hand I feel I should be using one! Put it this way my skin feels better when using one in some sense but gets quite oily and very visible pours. I use MD formulations cleanser and scrub and find it agrees with my oily but sometimes dry skin. The problem is with moisturisers - the day and night cream from the above company are not enough for me - they do not seem to provide enough moisture and also none of them are anti wrinkle. Can anyone recommend a good oil free (maybe with glycolic) day and night cream? thanks


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hi joannie,
try astral, its been going for donkeys years, its lovely, its nice and cool when applied and it really does moisturise your skin.
ive tried loads of creams hoping to find one that i like and astral is the one for me, its the best by far.

heres some of the reviews ive found:-

i have used Astral moisturiser for over 30 years and on can get my age right they all say 10 years younger i wouldnt use any thing else thank you so much

I have been using Astral Moisturising cream twice per day everyday since I was 13 and I am now 51 years old. I have NO wrinkles or crowsfeet and people always complement me on my soft, smooth skin. It keeps me looking young and I would never use anything else ! I now live in Spain and always bring loads back with me in my suitcase as I couldn't live without it !!

Astral has a light scent, and great feel. Very good quality. I suffer from extremely dry skin and this product is excellent. It's light and goes on quite easily.

I've used every moisturiser under the sun. I read that Twiggy uses Astral Moisturising Cream, so tried it. Love it so much I'll never use any other.

My skin got badly burnt on my face some years ago and Astral cream really soothed it. I also use it on my dry cracked hands and it does not sting. The old ones are always the best. Lovely texture and glides on. It feels very cooling on contact. Just keep on making it.

It makes my skin very hydrated and soft. Good price and mild fragrance. I recommend Astral to whom seek for an excellent moisturizer with reasonable price.

I have been using Astral since I was 14 years old (ie for 50 years) and would not be without it. I feel that my skin looks less wrinkled and more youthful than that of many women my age. I always know when I have forgotten to put it on because my skin feels tight. The familiar blue pot feels like an old friend
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thanks for taking the time to respond. I was a big fan of Astral when I was younger and as much as it does moisturise well it is too greasy for my skin now. Thanks again though.

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day cream/night cream

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