Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser Hair Removal risks???

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saffyjoonam | 00:02 Tue 30th Jun 2009 | Beauty
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Hi, I am thinking about having Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser Hair Removal on my face, and I'd like to know the risks involved and whether my skin tone is suitable for the procedure.
I am half Middle-Eastern and half Mediterranean and so have quite olivey skin. I tan easily and can keep my tan for long periods of time (once tanned, I generally keep it and top it up year on year). I'm worried about possible risks of skin discolouration as well as scarring, and even whether this procedure may be carcenergenic (cancer causing)? I do tend to scar fairly easily, and these scars tend to worsen in the sun (i.e. become darker). However, when I stay out of the sun and exfoliate a lot, and especially in winter, i can become quite pale if I try! Along with dark hairs, I thought that my complexion might be suitable for IPL hair removal...but I'm just not sure. I'm not sure if my skin tone is being considered properly by the beautician I'm planning on having the procedure done with. I've had two consultations, and still await a patch test. Can anyone help or give me some advice?!
Also, if you have any reviews or comments about the Destination Skin company (formally known as the White Light Company) I'd appreciate your feedback as to whether it is a reputtable company.
Many thanks to you all xx


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The darker the hair the better.

I would call around places and see if you can find anywhere that does a free consultation where you can ask all your questions. Normally at the consultation they'd do a patch test on the area so you'd be able to see what you think of it and how your skin reacts. If you do have to pay for a consultation some places will deduct that from your first treatment

Some local hospitals offer laser hair removal and you don't have to be recommended to them buy a doctor.

It might be worth speaking to your doctor about it also and they might be able to tell you of a hospital that offers this. I know theres ones in Scotland you can just call up.
Go for a consultation - the only problem that I could forsee is the contrast in the colour of your skin against your hair. This, it seems, is important but the therapist will explain it all to you.

I go to a local beauty salon - I have had no problems at all.

Try it and see if you experience any problems.
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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser Hair Removal risks???

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