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kerryb2000 | 19:42 Fri 13th Mar 2009 | Beauty
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Can anyone recommend a good lipstick that is the colour of fresh raspberries? I really want something that pinky red colour but can't find anything - everything is either too red, too pink or just called 'raspberry'. Any recommendations would be really welcome! TIA


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Hi Kerryb .... Try cfm

there are a few here that may be your 'raspberry' colour .
I have 'Gash' which when on looks a very dark raspberry colour.
Its really hard to decide from a website - best thing is to go into town and try 'em all on. :-0
My friend wears a new Avon one called Flesh, which comes out in a satiny raspberry colour.
Yves Saint Lauren also do similar shades, such as Rose Flamingo and Rose Rebelle in their Rouge Hydrabase creme lipsticks, and Chanel do several nice shades in their Luminous Satin or Sheer Colour ones - like Stresa, Deauville or Honolulu.

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raspberry lipstick

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