my wrinkles are gone!

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mujiboy | 15:30 Thu 05th Mar 2009 | Beauty
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Just thought I'd let everyone out there know about a brilliant facial spa which I bought recently. It irons your wrinkles - honestly! It resurfaces the skin, deep cleanses and "lifts" the face - no surgery or injections required. The gels you use with it stop ageing in its tracks and reverses the signs of ageing. It's a brilliant little machine and it only takes 10 minutes! I got mine from
You can order all of their products online and their whitening toothpaste is fabulous too. If anyone else out there has one, what do you think about it?


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If I didn't know better I would think you were advertising on a site that doesn't allow advertising.
Blimey! Bring it on!!!
I need a machine like that, that also slims you down, gives you extra energy and makes you feel as if you were 21 again!!!
don't bother - wait until you're older and the wrinkles drop off your face and move further down....
ha ha - yeah me too Loftie!!! Shout it out loud... ADVERT ADVERT. he he
Sounds like advertising to me.
Question Author
No Lofty I'm simply passing on info about a product I have found to work! Isn't this site about sharing information?
How much???
Well at $350.00, I'm afraid I have to stay all wrinkly!!!

There's sharing information and blatant advertising mujiboy!! This is actually a question and answer site. But never mind eh. Are you in the USA?

mujiboy you didnt buy it recently youve posted these adverts all over the site for ages

go to:
Question Author
No I'm in Britain!
Puddycat, I paid �128 for mine.
betcha ure only 23 and got no wrinkles!!!
Are you Yvonne or David mujiboy?
And the only contact details are a mobile number? Hmmm, in that case I will definitely hand over �100s.....
Oh well, I'll just stay wrinkly :o)
Well wrinkles give us character Yoga!!!! Much better than the ironed look!!
Quite right Lottie, that's always my excuse ;o)
What a load of bull's faeces!

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my wrinkles are gone!

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