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what..the? | 16:06 Thu 30th Oct 2008 | Beauty
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I am a real tom boy I always wear jeans with either a t -shirt or jumper and trainers. I wear outdoors type hiking/camping type clothes you would see in 'Blacks' and other shops like that. I have big long blonde wavey hair which is my main feature i suppose and makes me look female, but I feel like changing my ways really, I have struggled with weight growing up and with not getting many clothes to fit I think I have got used to dressing thrumpy if thats a word.

I have no female friends for advice so I am at a loss on how the make myself more girly. I watched the naked beauty programme on tv where they are telling people to stop wearing makeup, and as I dont know if I am doing this to make me feel better or to make me fit in more with other women that confuses me even more.

I want to wear more make up but dont know how to apply it, also don't know how to shape eye brows or if mine need doing. I am not confident to go into those counters in 'boots' or go into a beauty salon place.

Were can a i pick up tips to learn beauty. I have seen some items in the boots xmas mag which are called 'cover something' they have makeup and step by step guides I think.

Any help, thanks in advance.


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Hi. I know exactly how you feel. I've been a t-shirt and jeans tomboy all the way, and all my female friends have been tomboys too, so that didn't help, haha.

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but one thing I've done is search on google for tips. There are several good websites with great advice... -step-makeup-application/


are both good ones, imo. Another thing I try to do now, when I'm going for the more feminine look is to keep the jeans (so I'm not too far out of my comfort zone) and get dressier shirts. Maybe just something with a lower neckline, to start out.

Hope that helped. :) Good luck in your efforts.
Start simple and just work your way up.

Just add little things like the odd accessory, a bangle or some earrings or a nice necklace.

Then look around at what other people are wearing and what's in fashion like a pretty scarf round your neck or buying a pretty belt. You could buy a pretty hair clip or band or similar.

Buying some nice perfume is good too.

As for makeup, again, start gentle.

Eyebrows, just go for it and go into a salon and get an eyebrow wax.

Try for a nice basic natural look first.

Pop into a big boots and go somewhere like the No 7 counter (especially when they have 3 for 1 offers on or are doing vouchers).

Ask them if they can facematch you a tinted moisturiser and do a demo to show you the best way to put it on. Stress you want a natural look, not too made up.

I get some lovely stuff from L'Oreal, they do a range where they suggest lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushers for certain hair colours and I have some lovely stuff from them and it's not in your face stuff, just nice and natural.

You can get books, Boots do one I think about the basics of applying make up. I'm sure WHSmith or Waterstones would have something.

If you search on youtube there are aloads of videos showing you how to do different looks and suggesting products.
An example of a youtube vid...

WHSmiths have some books and DVD's like this... uctDetails-Lips+To+Lashes++Make+Up+With+Jane+B radley-753123.html

Clothing again can be changed gently and gradually.

You could buy some more girly pumps (Next and Sketchers do some lovely ones) or those little ballet style pumps.

You can still wear T shirts, just maybe look for some which are prettier, more fitted and shape flattering, with a pretty belt and jeans.

Or you could go for a more strappy top with a fitted mini cardi.

Whereabouts in the country are you?
Question Author
I' m in plymouth,

Thank you both for all the suggestions I am so grateful for the help xxx
Makeup starts with clean skin.
You should get your own face towel, face wash for your skin type, micellar water and moisturising cream. Also, you can take face brush (, but it's optional.
After this routine, you apply a base for your skin type too. I use mattifying in summer and moisturising in winter. The cover is optional, but I strongly recommend to use concealer under your eyes and brows. Then put blushes on your chicks, eyes and chin. In the end, highlight your cheekbones, nose and lips, apply lip balm and mascara.
That's how you can easily get a perfect everyday look.

For more techniques check:
(Beauty secrets). I found insparation there.

Talking about brows, the first time you should to the professional and only after that doing them on your own.
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