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lidlicker | 19:29 Thu 16th Oct 2008 | Beauty
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Has any lady tried the Alida Silkymit? I think it is only available on line, I've tried Boots and Superdrug but they don't sell it. Perhaps someone knows of somewhere that sells it. Could anyone recommend any other method of removing facial hair other than laser treatment(not shaving please) I once tried hot wax, but I burnt myself !! Thanks in advance.


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I wouldn't use those things on female facial hair, it will act like shaving, causing regrowth to be coarser. Why don't you use Veet facial hair removal wax strips. They work really well and come with an Aloe Vera soothing wipe, which removes any wax left behind and soothes.

Directly after waxing I also use a hair retardation complex, which does help to slow hair growth down. I use Skin Doctors Hair No More, it's quite soothing too.
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Thank you velvetee - I will buy some Veet today !
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