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MustangLady | 20:37 Fri 05th Sep 2008 | Beauty
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I've got a set of GHD's which has a dodgy plug, i have to wiggle it to keep the d*mn thing going. I don't wrap the wire around them & no damaged them myself in any way, but have been told this is a technical fault with this model. No-one seems to have answers what i can do though. I've tried taking matter up with GHD company by way of an email but not received any reply from them, though i think i'm out of the time scale for any 'free' repair/replacement, had them for 2 yrs now. The GHD has a two pin (european style) plug which goes into the bottom of a UK 3 pin plug. It is the two pin plug which i have to wiggle the wire of. Can i cut off the two pin plug completed and just wire up a UK 3 pin plug to the wires. I don't know what wire are inside unless i cut it off, but don't want to do this unless i know for sure. Has anyone had problems or done this sort of thing to their GHD's? please i can't be without them any length of time, coz i get fuzzy hair (80's style) after a wash! Thank you for any ideas.


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Changing plugs would change power input to the tool, this could cause u to be electricuted or a fire.

Dont mess with electrics....take them to an electrician for professional advice & attention.
Not sure about your specific plug problem but I had a pair of GHDs for way longer than that and when they broke I posted them back to GHD and they sent me a brand new pair!
I had mine longer than 2 years as well and i got a new set when i sent mine back. Go to your nearest stockist and ask for a "GHD Return Bag". All you need to do is fill out a wee form and fire it in the post. You should get them back in a fortnight. Borrow somone elses or buy a cheap pair in the mean time.
What is a GHD or should I not go there?

my GHD's kept cutting out due to a fault where the wire meets the straightener. If you look on ebay there is a guy who repairs them for you. It cost me �11 and I had them back within 3 days!! I think he is just known as GHD-guy.
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Braveheart: GHD's are hair straighteners and GDH is that tradename of a particular company who make them (I believe?). They are the best around, there are cheaper options for the straighteners though.
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Oh and thanks all for your answers, i'll try sending them back to GHD... MLx

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GHD's (mk3)

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