laser hair removal dilema 1

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Lottie24 | 11:27 Fri 27th Jun 2008 | Beauty
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I would be extremely grateful if anyone could offer me any help/advice on my situation regarding laser hair removal/reduction. It's a bit of a long post but please please bare with me.

I finished my course of full leg and underarm hair removal in August 2007. I had 6 treatments over the course of 9 months. It cost �1,074 for full legs and �390 for underarms.

I initially decided to go ahead with the treatment, not because of the hassle of the shaving but because every time I did shave it resulted in skin irritation, angry rashes, constant painful ingrown hairs - and the hair would be back the next day. The re-growth was prickly and painful so I tried to keep shaving to a minimum. I tried epilating, and waxing but this seemed to cause even more ingrown hairs - despite exfoliating moisturising etc regularly.

Results were steady but at the end of the treatment i was so pleased with the results. Hair growth was still present but finer, sparser and I hardly ever had to shave.

However, over the months I have found that I've had to shave more and more often and now the hair is starting to get thicker and 'prickly' again, and shaving is causing irritation on my inner and back of thighs - the razor bumps are returning. There is less irritation on my lower legs but the re-growth is quicker and the hair is getting a little thicker. It is not as fine as it once and I can feel the growth on my legs a couple of days later as opposed to a week or two after when it was really fine.


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Have you checked out Tria Laser hair removal systembefore - there has been alot written about and featured in quite a few beauty mags - claims to offer salon quality laser hair removal results - but you can use it in the comfort of your own home - cost �695 and has a 30 money back gaurantee if your not happy with the results ria-works
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laser hair removal dilema 1

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