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tinkerbell99 | 16:34 Thu 08th May 2008 | Beauty
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i have a round face and blue eyes and im looking for a new haircut and i cant seem to find any i like does anyone have any ideas im 25 by the way xxx


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toooooo many variables for me suggest anything! try this website, i think you can even upload you're own photie x
*gasp* look at my shocking spelling! i mean YOUR...!
i always think the mid bob suits anyone and it is really good for summer. go have a consultation done at your local hairdresser they will be able to give you the best advice they will also pin your hair up to show you what it will look like. I always find that part the brilliant bit
Bit difficult to describe, but I'll try. I've got a round face and have a variation of the 'Pob' (posh bob) - it's really short around the back and asymmetric round the front - to my jawline on one side and about two inches longer than that on the other side (no fringe). It's really 'choppy' at the edges and I have three colours going through it - black at the roots, purple/brown in the middle with a flash of pillarbox red on the longest bit. It's a bit like a modern 1960s cut - and I love it! It makes my face look slimmer, is a bit 'hip' and puts the focus on my eyes (which are green).

It's a bit like this: ric_short_bob.jpg
I rather like SRH's !

free and really fun!

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new hair cut

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