Hairfree pubic area

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delsgirl | 14:03 Mon 11th Feb 2008 | Beauty
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Can anyone tell me please, how do the girls in porn films etc get so hairfree down below. I would love to get as hairfree as possible but do not know how they get in all the nooks and crannys, it seems really hard to me. I hate waxing by the way and Im not sure thats how they do it. Can anyone tell me how to get like that. thanks.


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ever heard of razors? lol
Question Author
Ever heard of razor rash !
not with good razors and good shaving gel
and always moisturise
The mind boggles!!
Ouch 'em out one by one with tweezers - or get bf to do it !
i find electric shavers the best. wet or dry
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I tried, its not easy and im not double jointed
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Ok weeal which razors and gel ? and jane is it a mirror on the bed to get under and round the back? sorry but ive not done this before nd someone needs to tell me how, thought it would be nice for valentines
''I tried, its not easy and im not double jointed ''

I'll do it...

Have an 'e'...
sit on the toilet so the hair can be flushed and you can see everywhere.
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thanks jane for the sensible answers, im taking this very seriously and dont want to get any unsightly cuts and nicks in the process.
whilst I do not relish the thought of facing a David Bellamy beard if I ever ventured "downstairs", a little hair is most welcoming and attractive.

I fail to see why an adult would want to look like a pre-pubscent girl unless they have a seriously twisted boyfriend or issues beyond my realm of pyschological understanding.

Can you not just have a Brazillian or something?

A ladies nether regions are often called Beavers, Pu55ies and Minnies (after Minnie Mouse). To the best of my knowledge I have never seen a bald beaver or pu55y and I can guarantee that Minnie Mouse had hair.

A further pet name is "Hairy Mary". Now if hair was taken away from the equation it would simply be Mary, thus wrong. And I can not think of a name that rhymes with Bald.

Nike says "Just do it".

I say don't.
never shave it all off. give it a good trim because if it overgrows, its a bit.....uncomfortable
And there was me thinking a "bushyfanny" was a Japanese motorbike.
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Oh dear i think i may have overdone it now, thought that the fashion was to go almost to bold. Will i have any problems now? dont want to end up hairier
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The girls in the porn pictures dont have any at all anywhere, thought that was how it was supposed to be, sorry i am very naive at times, but it s not something anyone talks about or tell you how to do
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Hairfree pubic area

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