Bio Oil Have You Tried It? Help My Big Red Clown Nose!

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maggiemcgill | 21:34 Wed 31st Oct 2007 | Beauty
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Hi all. I've recently brought a 60ml bottle of Bio-Oil for �9.37, which I was told would help with a very prominent blemish on my nose. It's a round, red patch of skin on the bridge of my nose (which has been there for a couple of years).
The local health food shop advised the vitamin Rutin, which I tried for 3 months, with no avail!
I've just begun to use Bio-Oil, also advised by the shop.

Has anyone had a personal experience of this product, for this kind of aliment, or any beauty/facial treatments that could try?


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Ive used Bio Oil on stretch marks and found it to work really quiet well. The only thing I would say is that the effects only appear to be temporary.

If this is really bothering you I would consider laser surgery instead of wasting your only on high street products.
Bio-Oil is brilliant!!

I bought it for acne scarring to my face, and it worked a treat. I've also used it on any other scars that I have and strech marks, and i've found it to be great. It's brilliant as just a daily moisturiser as well, if not a little greasy, but definitley works.

You have to persvere with it though if you are not seeing results staight away, keeping applying it everyday and you will see an improvement.

Good luck :) x
Are you sure the red patch of skin isn't thread veins? They are pretty common but if it is thread veins, no cream will get rid of it.
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I've been wondering if this is what it maybe, but it does just look like a perfectly round circle? Who would know if this is what it is, any ideas?
results of bio oil wont notice 4 few weeks but it does work, i also use blemish drying lotion b4 bed to, it takes the redness out, hope this helps, worked wonders 4 me.x
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Hi Tazz,
What is the blemish drying lotion mentioned?
I'm wanting to get some of this to use on some acne scars. Does it depend on how deep the scars are to how well it will work?
and I've heard it's quite greasy, doesn't it bring you out in spots?

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Bio Oil Have You Tried It? Help My Big Red Clown Nose!

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