Black hair dye disaster... help!

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sugarcult | 21:48 Sat 27th Oct 2007 | Beauty
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I have naturally light brown hair, and I have been dying it dark brown for a long time. I had to touch it up, so I used the same hair dye as I normally do, but it went too dark... BLACK in some places. I think I left it on too long or something. Its a semi permenent and its supposed to wash out in 28 washes.

I hate it. We went around a few hairdressers today asking them what we could do. One said I could get it stripped but then we went to another and they said it would WREAK my hair and they dont even offer it there.

Then we went to one more and they suggested washing it over and over in fairy washing up liquid for the next three days...

well so far today I have washed it about 6 times and I dont really see much difference. Im going to do the same tomorrow but Im back in school on Monday and I REALLY dont want to go back with black hair...

have any of you used fairy washing up liquid for this before? Did it work? or should I do something else.


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I dyed my hair black in my late teens (permanent) and now, 10 years or so later, after having to keep it black or grow it out (nightmare!) I have finally taken the plunge and had it bleach bathed. There is no noticeable difference to the condition of my hair. As yours is a semi, I would recommend trying Fairy, just use every time you wash and intensive conditioner, eventually it should fade. Black hair dye should have a warning!
My hair went to dark in a hairdressers last year and i got it acceptable using Head and Shoulders, though it did take a week or two. I've heard Vosene is good as well
a well known brand of shampoo actually strips the hair of its colour gradually. just wash your hair a few times with head and shoulders and it shud be fine within a few days.

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Black hair dye disaster... help!

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