lily perfume at harrods

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deemarieo | 16:42 Sat 27th Oct 2007 | Beauty
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Hi can someone help, a friend of mine recently went to harrods and in the toilets she tried a perfume on called lily. I would like to buy her this but i have no more information on it, like where to buy it and who it is made by.


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There is an Angel Lily by Thierry Mugler, could that be it?
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hi thanks for that, i really have'nt a clue what it was called, it was only because she mentioned it, and i thought i would get it as a gift, without her knowing. Thank you
Hi - I shop at Harrods, and although I don't use the perfumes available in the toilets, they sell a lovely floral one, which includes lily. It's in the Floris range. Hope this helps.
I have a perfume called Lily by Christian Dior.

It's a Limited Edition from a few years back and gorgeous, but if it's a more recent perfume then it's probably the one suggested by Ice-Maiden.
Wonder if you can still get that Dior one Cetti? I seem to remember it from somewhere as well.
By sheer persistance I've found it Ice-Maiden, but...... it's called Lily Dior in the USA and the only website that has it in stock is this one. Worth putting under favorites, I think. html?pricegrabber

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lily perfume at harrods

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