Snake looking skin on my shins

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diamondz | 15:04 Wed 02nd May 2007 | Beauty
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I have this strange scaley type skin on my shins for years now....... very dry looking but then it's shiney with it.
I've brushed, scrubbed, oiled and creamed it AND it's still the same.
The only time my legs looks any better is when there very tanned. I was wondering if they might be kind of stretchmarks????
Do you know of anyone with these funny looking skin???


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erm yer stretchmarks, silvery tiny lines
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Thanks 4GETMENOT...
I didn't no as I don't have streachmarks...... well not till now.
Funny place to get them on the front of my legs tho????

Thanks anyway:-)
dont feel bad its just your body growing. My sis is as skinny as hell and a size 0 but she has them
hi diamondz,
ive got this and the doctor said its just very dry skin and to rub baby oil into your legs after you have had a bath.
I know you are saying that you have tried all the creams etc but you also mention that you dont see when tanned - I would guess that at times when you are tanned you are also putting suntan lotion on several times a day and then aftersun perhaps at night. Not trying to make out there is an easy solution but personally I feel I have a good skin care regime - moisturise daily, body scrub few times a week etc but whenever I am on holiday my skin is softer than ever, am basically doing the moisturising even more frequently. Believe it is vitamin e the sun gives us that maybe even a moisturiser with Vitamin E twice a day plus a gentle exfoliator a few times a week - i do feel i have experienced this and was the skin that was dry rather than stretch marks.
Hi diamondz, that's not stetch marks just dry skin....have you tried aqeous cream? About �2.50 for a tub from boots, you get it from behind the counter. Or Oilatum is good, I get on well with that.
could it be psoriasis ?
it sounds like ezema or sphoriasis rather than stretchmarks, if u go to a doc they will give you cream which will clear it up
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Snake looking skin on my shins

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