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clueless! | 21:39 Tue 27th Feb 2007 | Beauty
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When I was a child I had really straight long hair. As I've got older it's got curlier and curlier and I just can't get used to it. Does anybody know why hair would go from straight to curly in adulthood? I've heard of childhood curly hair going straight but not the other way round.


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I have the same problem - my hair dresser thinks it might be a hormonal thing !
I think it also has to do with the environment that you're in It's really strange, cos when i went to Hong Kong, my hair was dead straight everyday, no straighteners needed. And now i'm back in the UK it's gone slightly wavy. Or it could also be the water difference in different regions of the country. Or maybe i'm just talking rubbish lol.
or maybe its just an age thing, a bit like going grey as you get older
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thanks for the answer silverdaler glad i'm not alone - my friends thinks it's really strange. I'm sure they think i'm having secret perms.

My hairdresser also said it's hormonal - he said lots of people have changes in puberty but this happened much later!!! I thought he just didn't know. ha ha. prob should speak to a trichologist if I really want to know but whatever the answer is it won't make it go straight again. :-( I thought that since curly/straight hair is determined by the type of hair follicle you have it would stay the same for life.
Gina32 - I also have the grey problem - been going grey since age 17 lol!!!

My hair has done exactly the same thing! Was reasonably curly as a baby, but as a child and into mid teens it was poker straight. Over the last 1 1/2 years however, my hair has developed a very definate curl - so much so my friends asked if I had had a perm! I asked my hairdresser recently why this had happened. She said it could be hormonal, a result of some sudden stress or trauma, a result after pregnancy or it could just be one of those things! However, I am absolutely loving my new hair and embracing my curls! =)

Read the book of same title.

1. curly hair is dry...shampoo it...even more dry

and when moisten curls...

Ocean ideal location
Dry climates curls go straight

2. Don't shampoo curly hair
Only conditioner, more conditioner better for curls.

3. Must be cut dry not wet

Read the book she does know...

my hair was straight as a die till i was a toddler then that was it! tight curls! i'm 22 now and its so hard to manage - just a complete frizz bomb!

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