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jennyjoan | 16:19 Fri 22nd Nov 2019 | Beauty
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microblading of eyebrows - anybody get it done and if so could you provide a little description.

friend got it done last year or so but to me too thick and she's stuck with it - I did ask her what did she get done (she can't remember). That would be her tho.


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It's semi permanent tattoo.

I wouldn't get it done. Seen too many that have gone wrong.
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oh ok - I don't like hers either -
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if it is semi permanent can it be reversed per se
I hate those do called fashionable thick slug eyebrows!
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right Nellie I agree but I was wondering could you ask for much thinner brows when getting it done -
My friend had it done, and it looks really good. You should be able to see the result, before it is permanently done x

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