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homedeeth | 09:08 Tue 05th Mar 2019 | Beauty
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Can anyone recommend a quality anti dandruff shampoo that actually works.


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I thought head and shoulders did, have you tried it?

It has worked for me when i was younger
Vosene for men anti dandruff shampoo works for me.
Having tried a number over the years I can recommend T/Gel by Neutrogena,it certainly works for me.Another shampoo you can try but a bit more expensive is Nizoral.
I use head and shoulders, seems to work
I use T-Gel usually. Other brands I used in the past stopping getting stocked :-(
[i](Head & Shoulders stopped working for me in 1977, about the time they started adding scent to it and it no longer smelt chemical-like. No idea if it would work now.)[i]
What is dandruff became a fashion statement?
Different coloured dandruffs?
White, green, glitter?
You never know!
TGel is the only thing that works for me.
Philip Kingsley does one, only one that will work for me. Expensive but very effective,cleared up in no time.
Vosene. 99p from B&M or Home Bargains.
"Head & Shoulders stopped working for me in 1977"

LOL you'd hope the formula would have progressed in 42 years
Maybe. Maybe not. But once trust is lost...
I think T-Gel is the best. I'd avoid Nizoral - burnt my scalp, which then went scabby. Unpleasant!

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