Split Fingernails

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AndiFlatland | 03:01 Mon 04th Mar 2019 | Beauty
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Can anybody answer a question to which my doctor has never given me any kind of helpful answer?
About 20 years ago, I noticed my left thumbnail showed what looked like a split-line very gradually moving down from the quick. When it finally got to the tip, I was dismayed to find that there was indeed a split, and this continued to grow. I found that the inner corners were sharp, and kept snagging my clothing, pockets, gloves, etc. So from then on, I just kept that nail very tightly trimmed.
Somebody suggested getting a clear nail varnish - I should probably have mentioned before that I'm a male, now on the verge of 70, and I've always kept my nails in as good shape as most females. I tried the varnish, which was fine at first, but as the nail grew, it lifted off from the nail, and left me with the same problem. It was even worse when the sharp inner corners of the split suddenly caught my clothing, and sometimes tore the nail apart, which was not only painful, but inconvenient, as it required the application of a bandage until the nail had repaired a little. Not easy around the top of a thumb!
This is no doubt a sign of advancing age, but I'm still lucky enough to be blessed with a remarkably youthful appearance, so if I can avoid the worst of it, I'll be very happy.
What's happened in the last few years is that the same problem has repeated in 3 other fingers, and it's getting bloody annoying! Nothing I do seems to have any effect at all, and having to keep my nails trimmed down tight every few days is really irritating and time-consuming. Not to mention that it leaves me with little to use for all sorts of things that nails are always used for.
I do wonder whether it's a dietary thing - but I do eat a broad range of food which I'm sure contains all the ingredients necessary for good health. So what can it be? Any answers appreciated, any suggestions welcome! Thanks.


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Possibly a good place to start:
Mine grew back like that after losing the nail temporarily after an accident. Must be damage where it first forms. I just put up with it, and like yourself, trim it when necessary.
Although I am no expert, I think it very unlikely that diet has anything to do with this - Old_Geezer points to a known cause of the affliction you describe but you make no mention of injury so that too seems to be a cause that is ruled out. It needs to be remembered that like lots of people (most/all ?) there are areas they feel they should know/understand but they don't. For reasons called "face" in the Far East, doctors don't let on that they don't know - take when you go to them with some skin ailment and he/she pronounces that you have dermatitis. Dermatitis means "disease of the skin" - you knew that already, didn't you ? Costs are another thing - the NHS system is nowadays designed to put people off as long as possible and only truly urgent matters get seen to with the sort of concentration/attention you would expect all ailments to receive.

I would suggest that you ask for a referral to a specialist who can explain to you what is wrong, what might be causing it and what can be done about it (if anything). If nothing else, this will focus the doctor's mind for a minute or two until you are out of the door.
I've had that in several nails for a good few years. I'm female, a couple of years older than you, and work as a cook. I think our nails dry out as we get older, and having hands in water plus using all sorts of cleaning chemicals doesn't help. I tried everything any lady would try...mostly nail varnish and strengtheners. Probably made it worse. But then I stumbled on a product originally developed for horses hooves that did the trick so well...I've recommended it on here to others. User Recommendation

This is not an ad!! :)
Ah I recall getting that due to other nail issues, and not keeping up using it. In fact a pot is about a yard away from where I'm sitting now. (Rather guessed that'd happen.)
Isn't that always the case. Lol ;-)

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