Ladies, What Moisturiser Face Cream Can You Recommend

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Samuraisan | 18:31 Sat 22nd Dec 2018 | Beauty
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For over 65 ? Ideally for day and night use, and with a SPF would be good.


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I love anything by olay
Olay is great, it's all my grandmother uses who is 80 and can pass for fifties any day of the week. You can try all sorts of expensive stuff but generally it all does more or less the same thing.x
Tesco have a load of different olay on at half price at the moment so you can try without spending a fortune
I'm much younger than 65 but I used Kiehls ( only because my partner gets it free lol) and I must say it's lovely as well, but I doubt it does anything that Olay doesn't and if you speak to any elderly actresses they all use Olay or Astral (Joanna Lumley's choice I believe) which again is really reasonable.
I like the Body Shop's Vitamin E face wash and moisturiser.
Maybe try some e50 cream

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Thanks ladies, I will go for the Olay I think.
At the moment I'm using Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream but the one to beat is Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift. I'm off shoppping now to buy some :-)
I use this one, Sam. It's gies your skin a rosy glow, just as it says it does.
I've been using RADIANCE Revialising Super Serum by Sanctuary Spa...but it seems to have been discontinued. So I'd recommend Superfacialist Vitamin C Glow Boost Serum. Smells divine.
Aldi do two at least that I use with SPF 30. Cannot recommend them enough and good for my aging skin.
I have found everything from the Boots Perfect and Protect range really does work, the serum especially has really reduced wrinkles and tightened my skin - that's after trying all sorts including much more expensive stuff.

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Ladies, What Moisturiser Face Cream Can You Recommend

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