How Many Of You Wear Make Up Everyday?

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anthro-nerd | 09:38 Mon 16th Apr 2018 | Beauty
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I'm nearing the age of 30 and my skin has definitely started changing. Dry patches, uneven colouring... etc.

I would always wearing a full face of makeup every day, and have done since I was 16, but I think it's wise to give my skin a break and stop wearing as much to give my skin chance to breathe!

How many women on here don't wear makeup every day? It will certainly be stepping out of my comfort zone!


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I never wear any make up.
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When at work, yes. At the moment, no.

Exfoliating your skin is very important so that your moisturiser isn't just moisurising dead, dry surface skin buy getting to the deeper layers.

Staying hydrated is also good for staying youthful.
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NoM I exfoliate and moisturise a few times a week. Maybe I should get a skin schedule sorted!
I wear make-up every day and have done since I was about 15. On the contrary I think it has protected my skin from the sun - I have always been very strict about removal at night though.
It's quite normal for skin to lose its perfection as we age, maybe you need a different cleansing and moisturising routine.
//Staying hydrated is also good for staying youthful//
don't suppose that includes copious amounts of carlsberg?
It's good to let your skin have a breather. Always use a moisturiser. I sometimes use a good high sun screen factor lotion. Makes my skin glow. Also use a light foundation.
Anthro, it's wise to use a "non-comedogenic" foundation (doesn't block pores). A brush applicator is better too as there's no transference of grease from your fingers. Make sure you wash your make up brushes regularly.
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I always feel like if I don't wear make up then I'm not making an 'effort' if that makes sense?

Like, is there that pressure there, or is it just all in my head?
I think Alicia Keys lookes a heck of a lot better and younger since she stopped wearing make up. Maybe you could try a tinted moisturiser with a sun filter instead of foundation.
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237SJ a tinted moisturiser sounds like a good idea. Completely agree with you about Alicia Keys
I only wear make up if going out of the house, and then it is not heavy..concealer under eyes..nose etc..powder , eye liner, some highlighter eyeshadow..lippie... I have been meticulous with skin care night and morning since I was 12 years old and my skin is very good...rarely have a blemish..drink plenty water and have never smoked !
no7 do a very good tinted moisturiser.....I never wear a foundation
I work some days from home and some in the office.

If I'm in the office I always wear make up to look smart and professional but working from home I just slob about in T shirt, jeans and no make up.
No I never wear make up unless I'm filming, doing something else work related or going out somewhere swish. I just sauna every day and moisturise the heck out of myself.
I never wear makeup at home, only if I go out and then it's confined to mascara and Lippy and some concealer. I moisurise morning and night and never use soap. I wore a bit more eye make up in my younger days but have never used foundation. Oh I forgot I do use pure mineral powder when I go somewhere special. My skin is still looking good even though I am old girl. I think the worse thing you can do for your skin is smoke.
I wear eye make-up every day.
Not me
wear lippy and perfume everyday .
Nellie I never use soap on my faceand have not done so since Primary school days.. cleanse..tone and moisturise night and morning..No7 products are very very good and reasonable..used to use Clinique..but so much more expensive and not any better.... and I always wear a sun protection cream.....remember to do the throat neck..decolletage area !!! and good hand cream !! Arran Aromatics after the rain for me or Atrixo if heavily soiled after working in the garden

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