How Many Of You Wear Make Up Everyday?

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anthro-nerd | 10:38 Mon 16th Apr 2018 | Beauty
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I'm nearing the age of 30 and my skin has definitely started changing. Dry patches, uneven colouring... etc.

I would always wearing a full face of makeup every day, and have done since I was 16, but I think it's wise to give my skin a break and stop wearing as much to give my skin chance to breathe!

How many women on here don't wear makeup every day? It will certainly be stepping out of my comfort zone!


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23 I agree. Household salt, rinse moisturiser, I use Vaseline at night. I shower every morning, then Ill wear either E45 or aqueous cream.
Fredkins, there are lots of young girls around over applying their makeup.
The Scouse Brow I think they call it. Awful. All but meets in the middle.
Eleena, do you mean to put Vaseline on and then wash it off before bed? If not it must make an awful mess of your pillows.
No, I put it on, lot off .. and also use a spare pillow cover. But it's usually fine after blotting off with a paper towel Naomi, feels so good the next morning.
Mrs sqad......every single day and even when she goes to the bins......NEVER seen without make up.
Puts it on in the morning and takes it off at night.
That's how i like my women.
I'm not sure Vaseline is the best thing for matter how greasy it is. It seals the pores but doesn't moisturise.
I well remember my father writing in my autograph book:

Little bits of powder
Little bits of paint
Make your pretty face
Just what it aint

Delighted to see that Mrs Sqad attends to the bins ;)
I've been told that by others pasta, my skin feels great though.
^^^ well choux, you don't expect me to with my valuable hands, do you?
Lipstick, máscara, eyebrow mascara, concealer and foundation, when I go out, but not to take the bins out or to the supermarket.
TBH Sqad, I don't think I want to contemplate what your hands do!
The Granddaughters say it is contour but I am pretty certain they have no clue what the word means as the only shape I see is an orange sphere.
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Just catching up on this! I still don't think you need make up to be professional or well groomed. Surely all you need to put on your face is a smile?

Gherkin, I see the same type of thing, I find it quite amusing! And sqad 'that's how I like my women'... I really hope your wife wears make up because SHE wants to and not to live up to your standards!

Interesting about the vaseline, I sometimes cover my face in sudocreme... same problem as vaseline I guess in that it isn't breathable... but my skin is great the next morning!
Not Daily. Only when i go to special occasions.
Even today I think it's only a minority of men who would Len :-)
I do Monday to Friday and rest it at the weekend.
Change your moisturiser and try a night cream
I wear make up every day. Always have, always will.

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