Thongs and G-Strings

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Meleve11 | 10:08 Fri 06th Apr 2012 | Beauty
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This is about thongs/g-strings in the uk. Am i the only one thinking that not everyone should have a right to wear these? Wherever i go i see women wearing thongs/g-strings who sometimes have to put it politely not the most pert or rounded derrieres and are sometimes flabby or flat, offensive to the eyes and not attractive in the least, should we have some kind of governing body at the knicker counter where firmness, droop and roundedness can all be taken into account and if you don't feel the necessary criteria you will be pointed to a more suitable knicker counter leaving the Thong-G-Sting counter to more deserving customers? Now this ain't a pop at anyone as not all of us are perfect but if something doesn't suit you then you shouldn't wear it right? maybe at the Thong/G-string counter they may also be able to offer nutrition and derriere firming/building exercise advise? I'm actually thinking of doing this at my sunday market stall so need some feedback from some of you out there.
So should the sale of Thongs/G-Strings be moderated and more controlled? Honesty is the best policy and if this helps spread awareness and gets more healthy fit and thinking about how they can improve their derrieres this can only be a good thing for the wearer and their partners agreed? I brazil they take very good care of their derrieres and have the title of worlds no1 there, maybe we can take some tips from them?
Please any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.


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Oh and happy good friday and bank holiday weekend to all!
Since most people wouldn't buy them over a counter, but just take them off the rack in a self service store, I can't see the cashiers at Marks & Spencer buying into this idea.

Your post reads as if it's all about women's bums - it's blokes' you should be addressing too.
Of course, there's always another option. Don't look.
Well, I for one want a ringside seat at your market stall, see how long you last when you tell the larger ladies they're too fat to wear your thongs. Priceless!
no....what a ridiculous idea! and a waste of your time/energy/thought process etc. good luck when you challenge a chunky bird who wants to buy knickers on your stall - you'll either get a punch in the face or not very much business. can we ban you from this site for having such a ridiculous idea? no - because of free speech, choice and individuality. much like choosing knickers and the people/places we buy them from, i suspect. and re: using the words suitable and deserving....who are you to decide which people fall into these categories? i can't believe that anyone with an ounce of sense would even stop to listen to you.
People can wear what they want. If IMO they look awful, then that's my problem. As long as they're happy, so what!
And he's gone
Ah yes, Meleve's been caught by the suspenders, so to speak.
Going back to bed for an hour til my brain catches up this morning.
Most of us women who wear thongs do so to avoid VPL, we don't do it to make men happy.
I can't wear them anymore Daffy, they really bloody irritate, I'm quite taken with those skin colour drawers from M&S and Tesco, they're like very thin lycra and show no VPL whatsoever, and they're comfy. God, I'm showing my age.
I have about 10 pairs of those rocky, they are comfortable but not very attractive to look at.
He's gone? FGT, No he's been dressed by the Ed in suspenders.

I find them uncomfortable, thongs that is.
Lol, I know Daffy, unfortunately, sexiness = discomfort.
great minds think alike, Kiki......
Great idea - also we could have a rule that ugly people as judged (presumably) by Meleve11 must always have bags over their heads. Perhaps it's time to create a special government post "arbiter of ugliness") and offer the job to Meleve11.
if it gets him off the unemployment list, rojash.....
MMMM next it will be ban the boob tube for the larger ladies lol
This site is brill I love it so much, glad I stumbled across it doing a quiz for Mum several years ago I love the debates who needs a television.
Have a great weekend all.

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Thongs and G-Strings

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