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rozia | 20:43 Tue 27th Mar 2012 | Beauty
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i really need these doing, as i had my hair cut too short on the crown. Has anyone had these, how long do they last? what do they cost? thanks


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must be someone that's had these.
Me i had keratin bonds..... Lasted 3months and cost £360 xx
Ps mines began to matt my own hair but nobodyelse could see it!!

They were lovely real indian hair...not much care needed but they were a BITCH to remove- i done it myself sonprob better to get the person to remove for you- my hair was undamaged though!!!! Cant say same for my friends hair though...was snapped - but she has fine hair and i have really thick hair!!

Would have cost me another 360 to replace though. Ive hear microloop ines are great as they are maintained every few months for 100odd quid and no wax etc xxx
Don't do it. They are not good for your hair.
Your hair with it.

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