Shampoo for greasy hair?

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divegirl | 16:07 Wed 21st Mar 2012 | Beauty
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No not me....ewwwww lol. My beautiful daughter has really thick blond hair that almost touches her bum but she has a real issue with greasy roots.
I know from my days when I had thick hair [sadly long gone] that it can be a problem and she really makes sure she massages the roots but by the next day it's greasy. You can't see it but she's 14....need I say more.
Any suggestions please....oh and if an own brand preferably Morrisons, Superdrug or Sainsburys as I'm not near any others.

Lisa x


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Buy her a dry shampoo to spray on her roots. Batiste do a good one in several different fragrances.
Schwarzkopf used to do a lovely shampoo. Are they still on the go?
As Daffy says, Batiste are nice.
Maybe she could try massaging the roots less as it will be stimulating the oil production? Also, how often does she wash her hair? If shes doing it every day her body may be making up for it all getting washed out.

Failing that, I like herbal essences for greasy hair :-) she could maybe try a clarifying shampoo as well. Oh and tell her to make sure she only conditions the ends cos that can be making it greasy also.....

Think that's everything lol!
I sympathise with you on this DiveG, my D has the same prob, lovely thick wavy brown hair which she washes each night (absolutely has to) but next morn it's like a chip pan. I know this sounds nuts, but talc takes the grease shine off it - would prob work a bit better in your D's blonde hair.
I've used talc on my hair before to dry the grease but it is so much harder to brush through than Batiste is. It can also clump if not done properly. I would buy an actual 'dry shampoo', they are really inexpensive, Superdrug sells Batiste, as do Boots.
Many years ago when my hair was greasy I was advised to use a gentle shampoo if washing daily, not one for greasy hair. These strip the hair of their natural oil and the body works overtime producing more, and as Erin says do not massage the roots too much as this is stimulating the oil production. It worked for me.
I have read in magazines that the stuff marked for greasy hair tends to strip it, and so encourage more grease, so a mild one could be better - maybe a children's one?
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Cool answers guys....many thanks to you all.

Will try all of the above at some point ...... they're so sweet at this age as some of you will know so I'm sure she would thank you too if she could.....haha!

Erin....have you seen the Foo's are headlining Reading and Leeds!!!! Hope this means there will be some stadium dates too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa x
My hair is no longer shoulder length and never was very blonde ...

... but Aussie Mega shampoo is very effective at getting the crap out and leaving hair squeaky clean, without feeling that it has completely destroyed all the natural body.

< AB outing to see the Foo's then ? >
massaging will probably make it worse. If she had time to wash it in the morning rather than the evening maybe it would see the day out better?
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You never know coming then?
Sure thing :+)
I saw it, checked the price (£92 for a Sunday ticket) and then cried... Well maybe not cried but felt like it lol!! They're playing a date in Belfast as well in August. They need to come to Scotland!!!
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Awww hun.....well at least we know they're in the country, they did T last year so you never know! Just keep praying to the God of Grohl!

Lisa xxx
My hair goes horribly greasy if not washed (I wash it every morning before I leave the house).

I tried the Batiste when I couldn't have a proper wash after my op to keep the wounds dry and not being able to bend much and such. Have to say I was impressed! I got a tropical one, got them in Superdrug but got mine cheaper in Savers. I need to try and not wash it daily but I love the lovely fresh clean washed feeling and mine is very fine so quick to dry.

I was going to say the same about massaging the roots, will encourage the oil. Does she use conditioner and, if so, does she use it on the roots? If so then she shouldn't, only use it on the ends.

I love baby shampoo if I want a few gentle washes.
I find Batiste very good too, if I don't want to wash too often. Just spray in the roots and leave for a minute, then brush through. Saves washing for another couple of days.
ditto dry shampoo for the third day, and any citrus shampoo for the real wash! thoroughly rinsed out and NO CHIPS! x

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