Conductive Gel for use with Radiofrequency

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Velvetee | 02:22 Wed 08th Feb 2012 | Beauty
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Not sure if anyone will know the answer to this question.

I was given a Tripollar Pose for Christmas 2 years ago. It's basically an instrument which uses Radio Frequency for breaking down fat cells. The makers of Tripollar claim only their treatment gel can be used with the aparatus, but the only issue is that it's very expensive at over £50 per 130ml tube, £40 if I shop around, but still costly seeing as it doesn't last very long.

So, I was wondering if a regular conductive Gel as used in Beauty Salons would work as well? I've seen this one on the Rio website



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Personally, if I were you, I'd try picking a tube up on eBay, preferably from a seller of good standing:-

But don't make the mistake I made. Five years ago I bought one of those Slendertone Muscle Toning kits (the ones with the pads) which recommended the use of conductive gel. I bought a tub off a "not so good" seller (although I didn't realize this at the time) on ebay and paid about a fiver for it. When it arrived a few days later, it looked and smelled suspiciously like the hair gel that could be bought in my local pound shop for "3 tubs for a pound"! Having said that, it did seem to work ok, but I'm not suggesting you try using hair gel instead!
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Thanks for your reply. I have purchase the Gel from Ebay before and it was still £36. The gel doesn't come up often there and most recently the cheapest has been £46 excluding postage. The Rio Gel is for Rio's own Radiofrequency machine, but I would have thought all Radiofrequency was the same. I just wonder if the manufacturer of Tripollar is just conning users into believing their gel is different to anything else on the Market.
£36!!! you should have ordered this, works just as well
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Well I considered such a Gel, but wasn't sure that Gels which work with Ab belts that stimulate muscular contraction would work.

The Radio Frequency is different, it heats the fat Cells to a high level. It's so difficult to know as the Tripollar manufacturer claim these regular conductive gels are ineffective, but they could be lying! I've purchased the Rio Gel as per my link as it say's it is specifically for Radiofrequency machines, so will see how I get on. Thanks
so are the ones in my link. Thats what i have used before.
This article by TriPollar was very informative. http://wellnessbuzzhu...mbeddedimages/faq.pdf

It states you can use Pure Glycerin Oil. I have the POSE and STOP and was looking for an alternative to the outrageous price of their gel.

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Conductive Gel for use with Radiofrequency

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