Looby ..

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Quassia | 07:35 Sun 18th Sep 2011 | Beauty
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Got my oil!!


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hiya quassy!
how do?

oooooh good on ya girl,
aaaaand? what do you think of it? ... any good?

did you get it from boots with your points, like youd said?
any one need a massage tonight
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I did looby! I like it, but whether it's any better than the tub of coconut oil I got I'm not sure? I got it from Superdrug with my loyalty card. It does smell nice .. of melons.
and its the 100% pure argan oil one is it? i ask because mine doesnt smell melony..
mine smells erm.. oily.. lol ...
Question Author
No, I don't think it is looby. What you saying .. I've bought the inferior one? LOLLLLLLLL I knew it! Grrrr! ;0)
Question Author
Where did you buy yours you .. you snob! Eh eh?? ;0)
ebay! lol ... very poshe!
Question Author
Ah poop!! I'll have to use up my 'INFERIOR' oil first!
lol, oh im sure itll be just fine!

ol dt was enquiring about a massage earlier, so it neednt go to waste! lol
Question Author
^ She wants you dt!! :0)

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Looby ..

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