Dyeing hair with fake/self tan!

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Pottyone | 20:33 Sat 30th Jul 2011 | Beauty
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Has anyone ever used fake tan to dye their hair?? I ask because someone I knew once had lovely rich brown hair, with beautiful lighter hues. I once asked her if she coloured her hair and she said yes, with fake tan! I don't know her any more, but am now thinking about trying it. It must be a lot cheaper than any other way, and as long as you're careful when applying it you shouldn't get brown skin!! Is this unheard of or a well kept secret?!! Any hairdressers out there that can advise??


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fake tan is more expensive than hair dye!
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I'm not so sure. I thought you might be able to get away with not much more than the amount one would use if it was conditioner.
It's different though. Fake tan is for skin, hair is made of different stuff to skin. I can't see it doing your hair any good.
Hiya Pottyone..I'm a hairdresser.. never heard of this...I wouldn't advise though..if its a mistake and you muck your hair up..its going to be really expensive to put it right....If you could cut a piece of hair out of your hair..a bit that doesn't show and try it.. My advice would be go to a colour expert!..Good luck! Mrs Crisper x

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Dyeing hair with fake/self tan!

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