Semi permanent hair colour & rough hair!

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Rodge2 | 13:32 Sat 25th Jun 2011 | Beauty
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I have been having my hair coloured for a few years now. My hairdresser (who is very good) says I only need semi permanent colour, and that has been working fine 'til recently. I notice that my hair is a bit rough most of the time. I lather the conditioner on, but I don't feel it is ever very shiny like it used to be prior to beginning colouring. I do wash it every day which I know is inadvisable, but I have that kind of hair that just feels oily and uncomfortable first thing in the morning and so changing this is not an option. I notice my sister - who uses permanent colour - doesn't seem to have this problem. She has nice shiny hair always. Is is the semi permanent that is the culprit? I reason that the semi permanent nature of it might mean it doesn't close down the cuticles as well as the permanent colour does. Any advice?


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When you say rough .. do you mean dry?
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Yeah I suppose so. It doesn't look smooth. When I run my hand down it, it feels coarse.
I recommended this on here .... You can get it from most places .. just put an amount in your hand and smooth on dry hair .. just soaks in & not oily when applied.
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Thanks Quassia. Do you apply it when your hair is wet or dry?
Dry Rodge. I found mine at one of the cheap 'Quality buy' stores.
There are loads of other coconut oil serums out there too!
Sorry .. meant to say 'Quality Save' stores.
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Thanks, I'll try it. Do you have to put it on every time you wash it or just now and again?
I put it on after I have coloured & dryed my hair & after I wash & dry it normally too! Just seals in some moisture!
Let me know what you think if you buy any coconut oil! :0)
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Willdo :)
most permanent hair colours are what are called High Gloss colours - also when using a permanent colour you only '[email protected] the regrowth not the whole length of the hair. Repeated colouring of the whole hair shaft makes it pourace ( sorry spelling not my forte) which in turn will make it dull. However once you start to use a perm colour you are locked in forthe long hall - have been having my hair coloured for many many many years be warned. However you might be overdrying your hair on too high a heat this will take the shine away too. Try turning the drier down a notch as well as the serum.
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Thanks nanny. My hairdresser does only the roots one time and then the next time she does the roots and then combs it through for the last 5 mins or so, and alternates like this. It is always very shiny when I've just had it done. But it doesn't last. I already have the hairdryer on the coolest setting :/ What do you mean when you say that once you start with the permanent hair colour you are locked in for the long haul?
well by nature of the product a perm hair colour doesnt fade and you will get a regrowth the only way to change the colour is to grow it out .As you go greyer you will notice the regrowth more - black rots on blonde hair not good white roots on black hair looks like you are bald or worse.
You cant justdcide to stop like you can with a semi colour and let it fade.

Do you have a conditioning treatment when you have a colour they do work and help the colour to stay fresher longer - even if you have oily roots there will be a treatment for you.

also any dry ends / leave in conditioner applied to lengths and ends will help your problem.

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Semi permanent hair colour & rough hair!

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