How to best complain about a company offering Tattoo Removal that doesnt work

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scraggy55 | 17:54 Sat 07th May 2011 | Beauty
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My son went to a company who promised non laser removal for tattoo. After only a few treatments, he has been left with hypertrophic scarring. I have written a letter of complaint to which I have not yet had a reply (though only sent a few days ago). Just in case I don't get a reply, want some advice on where to write to next, approach next. If I do get a reply and am not satisfied, how do I proceed? I want to get the word out there and warn others not to use this company, as I truly believe after his experience that a bad tattoo is better than the scarring that has been left on his arm, after the dreadful, costly treatment he has had from this company. Others have had their skin damaged too, but I fear they are not going to complain - he has been in conversation with others on FB and on other forums who have used this company. I do not want this company to continue to sell this treatment, and want to warn others to steer clear of it. Any advice on how to proceed would be really appreciated


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Did he ask before he submitted himself for this work, how many they'd done before, did it work, etc.? Do they have qualified staff trained to undertake this procedure?

Does the company belong to some sort of registering body? (I believe tattooists have to belong to some guild (do they?) so would the tattoo removal people have to, too?

Why don't the other sufferers want to take it further? as a lobby group there would be more power to their elbow if several people were trying to take action together.

In the end I guess Trading Standards would be interested in a company which is promising to do something it can't deliver.
I looked into getting a tattoo removed about 10 years ago, and they made all the pitfalls perfectly clear.

are you sure he wasn't fore-warned of the possibilities? did he sign anything before treatment?
Catch the local tv news on a slow day if you can't gain satisfaction any other way.

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How to best complain about a company offering Tattoo Removal that doesnt work

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